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    review Forum & Teamspeak Rules!

    When using our TS server, we ask that you follow some simple TS Rules:

    1. No racism

    2. No overtly offensive comments or statements. Leave your negativity and attitude at home. Any rude, smartass, antagonizing, abusive, or bullying behavior will not be tolerated. If you are an abrasive person, and cant control what comes out of your mouth, then this is not the place for you. This is an environment for friends to gather and have fun.

    3. Be courteous of those you are in channel with. Most people don't want to shoot the breeze when gaming. Please limit game server specific conversation to in game communication, statements pertinent to TEAM WORK AND PROPER COMMUNICATION. Comments such as; "shooter at the tower", "I need a medic at Bravo", "Helo inbound to Alpha", "I'm out of ammo at Charlie" etc, are acceptable conversation in these channels. Comments and/or conversation outside the realm of game play should be had in either the game server's chat channel, or in one of the other various channels in the sever, specifically for chat.

    4. In the event that you are offended or irritated by a person's behavior while in channel, please do not call them out in front of everyone, but ask them to speak to you in any given empty channel. Advise them of their behavior, respectfully. If you are met with attitude or rudeness, report it to any of the Admins, if that doesn't resolve the issue, only then should you escalate to a Leader.

    5. All members are required to be in the IMA TeamSpeak 3 server when in game. This ensures proper communication and allows IMA to work together and have fun. Use of the IMA TeamSpeak 3 server is not limited to IMA's game servers.

    6. If you use an avatar you are to keep it clean, no political, pornographic, or religious Avatars to be used.

    7. Public players may be registered and set Server Group to Normal [Perm]? only by all full administrators.

    8. TeamSpeak admin rights must be asked for through Battlelog to ensure that the person in TS asking for rights is who they say they are.
    So this means no more pokes or chat messages in TS saying "hey man can you give me my admin"

    9. If you fail to do what is expected you may lose TS rights and privilege for a period of time to be decided during review. If you do not comply with the above stated rules, warning, kick and or ban is warranted.

    10. People who donate to the clan; This does not give you the right to abuse the services we provide. Donations are greatly appreciated and help us keep all our services up, but as far as misconduct, there is exception.

    11. If you feel the need to carry on and chat about the weather... go to your own channel. If you cannot move yourself, a SA will be happy to assist you. This is for unregistered players only; if you are registered and told to switch channels, you must comply on your own.

    12. If you want to stream while in TS, please make sure you ask permission from the people in your TS channel. Not all conversation are appropriate for representing IMA in a public stream. So make sure to remind people that they are being broadcasted.

    13. Your TeamSpeak name should match your in game name. This is to avoid any confusion with squad/team communication.

    14. Recruiting on IMA servers of any type is strictly prohibited. Any association with any group attempting to recruit from IMA will result in termination and ban from all IMA venues.

    15. Being a member of a community or brotherhood means showing support by being active. That being said, any activity on any other gaming clans, communities, groups voice servers and/or websites is prohibited.

    All members and guests registered on IMA website are to adhere to the following Forum Rules:

    1. IMA does not allow the posting of political, racial, religious or pornographic material.

    If you think that your post could be both upsetting and derogate to others than simply don't post it. What you find to be amusing might be very offensive to others. A picture you post might be offensive to others and your humor may not be shared. Keep your political and religious views to yourself. We don't need unnecessary friction between IMA members. If we as mature people remember that we are all from different ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds, then this should then avoid the problem of upsetting others within this community.

    Simply keep it clean, if a member of the public is found to be unethical in our forums they may find their account disabled and possible have their IP banned without warning..

    2. Slanderous post; no post is to be made to undermine or hurt another forum member. We have private message to try and rectify the misunderstanding. Please note PM is not there to call someone out. If found to be of an unprofessional nature, action may be taken from the leaders.

    All posts found to be of a poor nature are moved to the leaders section by the Moderators or Leaders within IMA, and a decision is made on action to be taken by us as a clan.

    Complaints about posts or threads are to be addressed to Leaders via PM and we as a clan assure you all complaints are investigated.
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