There is a BFV update today. It is 4.38 GB.
Just a heads up.

EA Update Notes

EA Complete Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update Notes (pdf file 283 KB) - direct download link

Some interesting notes:

  • we are kicking off the year with Squad Conquest which is an intense version of Conquest that enables more tactical gameplay between two teams of 16 players on the Arras, Rotterdam, and Hamada maps.
  • Improved vaulting detection when trying to vault through a window that is already broken. This will make vaulting in those cases less sensitive to tight attack angles (you are we lcome, Reddit!)
  • The Heavy Weapons trait is no longer as powerful on AA guns which previously would result in them having almost no overheat while firing.
  • Decreased the effectiveness of the Ported Barrel Specialization on the M1928A1 to better balance the weapon in the SMG class. The upgrade was a bit too strong, leading to a slightly too controllable weapon.
  • Adjusted the size and intensity of the glints for medium powered scope and high powered scopes. Medium powered scope glints are now smaller and less intense than high powered ones.
  • Buffs to SMGs in this update are aimed at improving the mid-range combat ability of the Medic class. Reductions in recoil and increases to accuracy will allow the SMG user to maintain damage on target and increase their effectiveness over all.
  • Footstep audio has been improved making walking and sprinting louder for a better gameplay experience, while crouching and crawling generates less sound to enable sneaking and stealth gameplay.