What is Friday Night Fights (FNF)?

First off FNF is nothing formal or officially clan sponsored. It is essentially, a term I used to use to describe how many players would be in TS gaming on Friday nights. I always felt like we would have the highest number of gamers on Friday nights (USA relative).

When is Friday Night Fights?

There is no set time. The best time range seems to be from 6pm to 11pm CT. For other time zones that would be:
  • 4pm to 9pm Pacific (Los Angeles)
  • 7pm to 12am ET (Charlotte)
  • 12am to 5am (Saturday) GMT (London)
  • 1am to 6am (Saturday) CET (Berlin)

Last nights Friday Night Fight:

We had, to the best of my personal knowledge, the most players in BFV at one time online on TS working on 1 side in a single server. It was a blast! We got up to 3 full squads running at one time, thats 12 players. I didnt take a screen shot but here are the players I recall (some came on at different times).

Stg (Vince)
Vinces friend

*Apologies if I left you off the list, make a post and I will add you. This is all from my memory the next day. Also, if anyone remembers the name of Vinces friend please post that as well.

So, everyone is and even encouraged to jump on some and game for Friday Night Fights if you can. And, bring a friend.