I would like to apply for membership into IMA. I have been hanging out in the TeamSpeak and playing BF1 & BF5 with the IMA Clan for a few months now and have really enjoyed gaming with the group. I appreciate the hospitality from the IMA players I have met in the BF gaming channel. I am an older player (57 ) and got into gaming late in life. I have been gaming online for about 15 years now. Primarily playing first person shooters like BF series, COD, and some of Clancy games. I have participated in competition play back in the BF 2142 days. I have a pretty impressive Steam Library of games, most of which I will never get around to playing. I also play EVE online and have been playing that game for many many years.

I have built my last two gaming computers, but I still consider myself somewhat a novice in that area. However, I really like to learn and talk about computer builds. I appreciate the help and advice some of you gave me with my latest computer build this past summer.

I reside in Mississippi, USA just outside of Memphis TN metro area. My WarEagle gaming name is based on my College Alma Mater, Auburn University. http://www.auburn.edu/main/welcome/t...s/wareagle.php

Appreciate your consideration,