Place this quote with the speaker...

"Clear and then revive!"

Well check out this review for BFV. It looks like this will be hardwired into the new BF.

I draw your attention to the following snippet

"Sometimes, you'll have to decide whether you're safe enough to revive a player, or let them bleed out to keep yourself alive. Otherwise, you'll likely get shot down by the same enemy who shot your team mate, and that's not good for you, your downed team mate, or your team."

I don't do Alphas or Betas (and I wasn't invited anyway) but I have to say from what I'm reading and hearing BFV looks REALLY promising.

I really want to see my old buds back on TS and squadding up...PFore, Tef, SteveLord, CherryCondom, ComVIC,'ve all been gone too long.