Hello friends, last Tuesday ( I think) , my system had an update come thru. After this happened I had a couple things change that are not good

1. my Zboard Steel series , windows assigned hot keys to shortcuts assigned to my gaming pad, never got that fixed, loaded software again, ect, Eventually vacated a usb 2 port and it works without hotkeys embedded,

2. BF1 will not load up, if it gets to home screen it freezes solid, locks up the PC. only way out is multimedia hot key on upper layout of keyboard. Alt F4 wont even in lock the game or close it out.

3. IE had an edge update attached to the address bar , and extra tab as well as double home page tabs when opened .

4. I know the update had security fixes, explorer updates, I'm at a loss right now as to getting BF1 to load up,

5. My wonderful child ( future gamer ) has broken my headset so Mic and listening is a bit off as I am using webcam and cheap wire headphones blahh

So for now I am in BC2 and BF4 any advice would be appreciated, hopefully later this week I can get in TS . cheers and beers lol . I'm actually liking the retro time :)