Just a formal post for full application to the clan. I have enjoyed gaming with the lot of you particularly recently in BF1; as I look forward to that continuing. It's nice to find a group of casual and friendly people who are enjoyable to hang out and plat with.

Also play a large number of other games, RTS, survival, and many others....

I normally am not one for posting much on messages boards unless it seem extremely important, (maybe just my age catching up with me). However if ever asked I am more than willing to help anyone in whatever way I can as that's the kind of person I am.

As said before I'll try to post here as much as I can, however I don't have the millennial sentiment of being connected 24/7 so some responses will take a day at most as I check the site daily to see whose is on TS.

Gametracker has been set up with current origin stats but not old school bf stats from BF2 days for some reason (origin and old school ea name are different). No image has been chosen or upload as of yet, however what I have planned in mind is not offensive in any way (unless afraid of clowns).... I can run this by someone before uploading,