View Full Version : Admin requests and promotions within IMA!

06-29-2009, 06:58 AM
Before you think about requesting a kicker or promotion you must comply with the following requirements:

YOU MUST HAVE SPONSORED before you can continue with promotion in this CLAN; Due to reduced recruitment there could be exceptions to this rule.

- Be active in the forums with Min of 180 posts for basic Admin, and no earlier than 4 weeks of full member.

- Be active in the forums with Min of 300 posts for Full Admin, and no earlier than 4 weeks after basic admin.

To be considered for a leader position

- Min of 1000 posts

- SA for a minimum of 12 months.

- Held profiled position: ie , Project manager, Liaison Officer, Out of CLAN activity (CLAN Gametracker,as an example)

- Be active in teamspeak.

- Dedicated to clan.

- Active in IMA servers.

- Attending or posting absence for members meeting. (Currently not required)

- Actively playing in scrims or signing off on clan wars. (Currently not required)

- Must be of a mature nature irrespective of age, we will accept a 16 year old for example if she/he represents the clan in a mature and adult way.

- Actively seeking to sponsor or recruit players in game . (THIS IS NOW RELAXED DUE TO NO CURRENT RECRUITMENT WITHIN BF4)

- (optional) donating.

- Avatar and signature on profile for that added professional look in the forums. This includes TS signature under forum signature.

- Sign up on Game tracker http://www.gametracker.com/clan/ima/ and join IMA.

Even if you meet all the above requirements this will not guarantee you kicker rights or promotions, but will allow you to apply for this admin access