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12-02-2013, 08:24 PM
1. Objective: We are here to win. While the intentions are still for it to be fun, it will be hard and frustrating losing and many competition players will be 10x better then you. So be ready to get your ass handed to you. You will get better with time and the the end goal is to be a competitive force.

2. Skills: It is YOUR responsibility to hone your skills. There will be a variety of ways to do this; via friends on BL, gamersportal, ESL, etc. If there are not players on from the IMA, familiarize yourself with the competitive community. It is much different from public community.

3. Pubbing Time: If you find yourself serious about competition, pubbing should be kept to a minimum. It can actually hurt you in scrims and matches if you pub too much. Again there are plenty of ways to get into scrims and that is the best way to ensure that your skills will be at your best for matches.

4. Ethics: Pretty simple: DO NOT TALK POORLY ABOUT ANY OTHER COMPETITION PLAYERS. DO NOT ACCUSE OTHER PLAYERS OF HACKING PUBLICLY. END OF STORY. Even if they seem like the most obvious aimbot, or they are talking a lot of crap to you or about you. KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM YOUR KEYS. This is especially important when it comes to being in other team's teamspeak. Same goes for players in the BG. If you have a problem, talk to the captains and we will take care of it.

5. Match Times: The players who get to play in matches are NOT the ones who put in the most time. However, you put in more time playing with your team mates and understand exactly what their every move may be, you are more likely to play more with matches. The same goes for shots. If you are the best shot, but never play with us as a team you will NOT be playing in matches. It's all about cohesiveness as a team.

6. Scrims and matches: You need to understand that Battlefield, especially when it comes to competition, is not about the K/D. It's more about the use of your deaths. Just as powerful as a good shot can be, a good use of a death can mean the difference between a flank happening, or overturning a leak. This does not mean completely forget about your shot. When it counts, we need it to happen and be able to rely on you.

7. Call outs: We will have videos and/or pictures posted of every map and their call outs for BF4. It would be a big help if you could be a part of this. If not, again, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to watch these videos and know the call outs. If you don't, do not expect to be included in scrims and matches until you do.

8. Game Mechanics: Again, it is your job to understand the mechanics of a game before going into a scrim. There are plenty of ways to explore them yourselves, with a friend, or ask a fellow clan mate, but do it before finding yourself getting out played in matches.

9. Spawns: Same with call outs, we will explore where spawns will be, so be sure to check info on the forums to understand them.

10. Forums: Check the BG forums regularly to be up to date on schedules and topics. Also feel free to post any new tricks or things you learn while scrimming there.

11. Scheduled Practices: When the new season starts and the team is solidified, there will be set days to work around everyone's schedules. 1 day, a week before any match, will be spent on designing a new strat for the map of the said match. It will also be spent making sure each player knows all the spots and who will play what role. The days followed will be played as scrims and will determine who plays in the match off of a number of factors.

12. Loyalty: We at IMA are passionate about gaming. And so, we have a Battlefield based competition group. If you are interested in competing, as a member of IMA, we should be your first choice. We compete in various levels. So, whether you are interested in all out competition or are just looking to be available for target practice, please post, stating interest.* If you are interested in competing, as a member of IMA you are not allowed to join and compete on the rosters of any other teams besides IMA's, except in special circumstances where a member has asked for and been granted permission from the leadership.
* If IMA is not participating in a particular event that you wish to be a part of, discuss (with BG Staff) the possibility of IMA joining the event. If IMA does not join and you still wish to participate, then you should discuss this with BG Staff or Leadership.
13. Match server usage: Our match server is paid for by membership. It should be used exclusively by members for match purposes or other special circumstances. It is not to be used by public players (non members) unless under special circumstances.