View Full Version : ***Rules for posting in this section-READ BEFORE POSTING!***

05-06-2013, 06:06 PM
You are a guest here, mind your manners, give us due respect, and follow our rules. This will ensure a pleasant and professional gaming environment for all.
-All Clan Rules can be found here (http://clanima.net/forumdisplay.php?64-Rules-and-General-Information)!
-The rules scroll on our servers and are easy to read and understand.
-We admin our servers well. There will be no arguments about our rules.
-We enforce a Warn/Kick/Ban policy. This means that you will first receive a warning, if you are breaking a rule. If you do not heed our warning, you will be kicked. If, after being kicked, you return and continue breaking the rule, or decide to start an argument with an admin, you will be banned.
-If you feel you have been unfairly banned, or you have been rightfully banned but would like to make a public apology, you may post in this section. Your plea will be heard and reviewed. The banning admin will respond with a decision, regarding your ban. It is up to THEM to enforce, or lift the ban. The Leadership supports our VOLUNTEER admin staff, 100%. That being said, if you were banned for being disrespectful to a member, admin, or leader of our family, here at *=IMA=*, please don’t bother posting, as your cries will not be heard.
- If you are not the person who was banned. a leader or the banning admin:
This rule does not change, regardless if the person banned is a former member or not. This IS NOT the place to deliberate or sound-off on your personal feelings toward affected person. If you have something to say, PM, Xfire, TS, or smoke signals....but

Regarding PBBans;
-We proudly stream PBBans. This means if PBBans catches a hacker on a server streaming PBBans, ALL servers streaming PBBans will enforce said ban. Irrespective of which server you were originally banned from, if the ban was enforced by Punkbuster we have no way of lifting it.

With that said, please be aware when posting your request. If you are banned by Punkbuster, there is absolutely NOTHING we can do to lift the ban. You MUST contact PBBans and file an appeal.

And in closing, please keep in mind;
-Making a well thought out post and being courteous, is the first step in getting your ban overturned. Come in here and start being abusive and raving like a mad man, will get you nowhere.
-Please include as much information as possible. The exact date and time is extremely helpful. Also include the name of the server, any other parties involved, and if you know, the name of the banning admin.
-Most importantly, DO NOT LIE!!! We know our staff and members. We can verify EVERYTHING you say.

Thank you, have a great day.