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02-10-2006, 06:22 AM
Welcome to the new IMA clan website!
Unlike our old site where most features were turned on by default you must manually select options to get the full experience of our new site. Following these few basic steps will help your time here be more enjoyable...Rock on.

Step 1: Request access - For Members Only

If you are a full IMA member moving over from the old site you must post in "Web Maintenance" requesting access. In your post make sure to note all forums you should have access to (members, Jr Admin, SA etc) as well as any status you might need to have turned on, like MOD.

Step 2: Adjusting settings in the User CP

Click on "User CP" button - in most skins it is the second button from the left across the top row. This step has several parts so make sure you take your time here. There is a time out on these pages so complete each page at a time and be sure to save when you are finished. This guide will not discuss every feature, just the most important ones to get you started. Look down the left frame for each of the following:

1. Edit Your Details - It is easiest to just ignore the "edit email and password" button for the moment. The other settings are personal preferences. Most of this information is displayed on your personal page where visitors can find out more about you.
2. Edit Avatar - Currently you must upload your avatar to your PC and then browse for it. Be sure to hit the "Save Changes" button at the bottom to set your new image.
3. Edit Signature - You may link your sig from any website. Click on the "insert image" button right above the text enter box. It is on the bottom row, 5th from the right and looks like a sunset. Paste in the URL/path to your sig and click "Ok", then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Save Signature" button.
4. Edit Options - Some of the important features are:
1. Default Thread Subscription Mode - here you can select whether to get emails of people responding to threads you have subscribed to. Neat feature, but you can get lots of emails quickly.
2. Enable Private Messaging - Check this box.
3. Receive Email Notifications of Private Messages - This feature will send the full message to you via email - pretty nice, but can get to be a lot.
4. Enable Visitor Messaging - A personal preference, but this allows people to write on the wall of your personal page (like in Facebook).
5. Show Sig, Show Avs, Show Images - check all of these boxes. If you don't want to see these you may leave unchecked, but realize you wont see this data in threads.
6. Thread Display Mode - a personal preference. We recommend trying out each of them and seeing which one suits your reading style. Don't do this now, it can best be done while reading the forums. We discuss how to do this later.

5. At this point scroll down to the bottom and click the "Save Changes" button. You can then update the rest of the settings, like time zone, which are personal preferences at your leisure.
6. Miscellaneous Options - Forum Skin - This feature can also be found at the bottom left of every page, it might make more sense to click on a thread/post in the forums and then adjust the settings so you can see how each option affects the forum view directly. We'll discuss how to do this in a minute.

Step 3 - Managing the Forums

* Click on the "Menu" or "Quick Links" button depending on the skin you are using.
* Then select "Today's Posts" this will show you every post made in the last 24 hours. It will split into two sections, posts marked "read" will be at the bottom below the text that says "The threads below have not been updated since your last visit or since forums have been marked read." Like in emails, being marked read doesn't always mean you actually read it (more on that in a minute).
* The top section will have threads which you have not read. The topics in BOLD contain posts you have not viewed. The topics in regular text you have viewed but not marked as read.
* When you have read all the posts you want to see (say there is one about fire ants you plan to skip) click on "Menu" or "Quick Links" and choose "Mark Forums Read". This will then only show Un-viewed threads in the top section when you choose "Today's Posts" again. (The one on fire ants will be in the bottom section.)

Step 4 - Reading Posts

* Notice when reading posts there are some cool features available to you in the top right corner.
Thread Tools - Show printable version (nice if you want to print out a thread for reference), Email and Subscribe to thread (Remember subscribing to threads can have the replies sent to you via email - use with caution).
Rate Thread - Please use this feature. Don't mark a thread bad just because you don't like the poster.
Display Mode - Test out which setting you like on the fly.

Step 5 - Choosing a Skin

Goto the forums and view a thread. In the lower left of the screen is a drop down box called the Quick Style Chooser. Here you can select each skin currently available and test how well you can see the forums. Some skins are dark and some are light. If you use the TeamSpeak viewer on the Homepage you may want to also direct your browser there and make sure you can see the names. Which skin you choose is a personal preference, so find the one that is easiest on your eyes. The -X means widescreen. If you find a theme you like best and want to use it as default.... go to your "User CP" , under "Setting and Options" scroll down to last block, "Forum Skin" and change option there in drop down and save settings. Now when you log in you will have that theme as default.

1. Clicking on "Your Profile" under "Menu" or "Quick Links" will take you to your personal page. You can also edit your "about me" directly here.

2. When in the forums left click on a name tag and you get several useful options; View Profile, send PM, goto Homepage, find more posts by and add to contacts.

Also, there are other "How-To" guides which have been posted by members to help you work through many procedures and features of the new site. Check out the stickies in the Technical Help (http://clanima.net/forumdisplay.php?80-Technical-Help) Section.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don't hesitate to PM a leader or admin for help. To do this (via PM or in some cases email) click on "View Forum Leaders (http://clanima.net/forums/showgroups.php)" in the lower right of any page then select a Moderator or scroll down to Super Moderators. You can also post in "Technical Help".