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02-10-2006, 07:20 AM
Authors>> Nutter, Batavian


TAW's predecessor was DnD (Death and Destruction). The clan was based around CS but with the release of BF42, members wanted to move to a Battlefield-centric clan. Others did not, and so the clan imploded. Dread and most others formed TAW. DnD was reconstituted, hung on for a while, then evaporated for good.

As for TAW, it flourished on BF42. It briefly stumbled when one its founders Nuisance (Nui for short) got sucked in to Lineage II (a precursor to WoW) and left with a few TAW members. But Dread and another TAW old timer DukeBearSlayer (Duke for short) continued to grow TAW. They were (and are) very successful, and continue to this day. Their Battle of Britain (BoB) server is still one of the top ranked BF42 servers running.

As BF42 aged, a mod for that game called Desert Combat was released. DC was the precursor to BF2. The future founders of IMA met as a result of them playing together because of time zone (Nitro, Nutter, RUT) and those that found it more convenient to play in the day time (LtSlaughter). That's how I got to know the founders because I would often game with them during U.S. daytime.

History starts within =TAW=2005

It was the year 2005 when the Now founders and leaders of IMA met, our meeting was not by chance, but as members and administrators from our old CLAN =TAW=.

Our game of choice at that time was ???BATTLEFIELD 1942???, Although I =TAW=Nutter(UK) was a die hard BOB Battle of Britain player and then =TAW=Nitroblsat was a die hard Lost Village player, but it was many months before we actually got to know each other as clan members due to those days =TAW= was one of the largest and most popular Battlefield CLAN???S out there.

When 1942 was coming to an end, well the end of a golden era, we and many others were getting eager for the release of BF2. However due to the clan being still dependant on 1942 and recruits still flooding through the doors of =TAW= there was no planned scope for a move to another game.

After a few months and a few hand picked friends, the creation of IMA was in the mist. Nutter, Nitroblast, LTslaughter and Rutg became founders and the creators of IMA. Although there was a total of 10-15 other ex- =TAW=members that over the next few months left to join IMA this was no easy phate.

Although we had gained limited experience of behind the scenes for running of a clan the first brick wall was, what do we call our selves? Let alone how we create a web site. That said within the month we were up and running.

We did experience an up hill struggle and depended on 3rd parties for help and advice, which on two occasions did cost us financially by the con artists out there.

We did learn of a second major move from =TAW= and another clan was created called =KZN=, this new mass move comprised of people that were held in high respect by IMA and although it seemed to happen over night *=IMA=* and =KZN= became sister clans. We followed the same forum ethics, clan, and server rules. Helping each other with advice on clan related administration and all the behind the scenes mind numbing head swelling obstacles we both encountered.


All games get old. People get bored. And always there is a new game on the horizon. There is ALWAYS a great deal of turmoil that occurs during these transitional periods. Most clans fail to make this transition. TAW was strong enough to weather this change. KZN had a tougher time. DnD died. Even IMA had to struggle with the release of multiple COD releases. I mention this only because many if not most of us are members are here because of changing games and clan environments. IMA was started as a result of one of these transitional periods. And we were fortunate enough to survive subsequent transitions.

We here at IMA are respectful of our roots, supportive of our sister and parent clans, and wish them the best in the future. We're looking forward to the future of team-based play and camaraderie in which our members have found around the Battlefield series.

22nd July 2015, IMACLAN is now a multi gaming clan/community.