View Full Version : How to-Update your TS3 Banner

02-21-2012, 10:32 AM
A lot of folks have errors on their TS3 Banners. As you all know, you are required to keep this updated and current. If you are requesting probie access, or full member access, it will be denied untill it is corrected. If you are applying for a promotion, it will not be approved until this is fixed.

Here are the steps to fixing it, for those that do not know.

1. Go here http://www.tsviewer.com/index.php?page=userbanners
2. Enter your nickname.883
3. Ensure you have the correct banner selected.884
4. Select Generate User Banner. 885
5. Right Click and Copy Hotlink for forums 1. 886
6. On your ClanIMA screen, click Settings. 887
7. In your User Control Panel, on the left side, halfway down, select Edit Signature. 888
8. Your Current Signature will pop up. Right click inside of the dialogue box under your signature, or if your banner is there and just in error, right click the current banner.889
9. Select Paste.890
10. Select Save Signature, at the bottom right side of the dialogue box. 891

And, Voila! You have just updated your banner.