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08-02-2005, 08:05 AM
Here at IMA, we pride ourselves in a higher level of professionalism. We go to great lengths, to protect that, which we have built.

As a member of IMA, you are expected to be representative of us as a whole. Whenever you are involved in any activities that tie you to our clan, professionalism, should be taken into consideration. Activities include, but are not limited to; any instance where your in game name is used as your title, activity in forums pertaining to gaming, activity in forums pertaining to technology, activity in forums pertaining to competitive gaming, Battlelog, EA online, PBBans, etc.

Your behavior should always be well thought out and regarded as a direct reflection on, our family, here at IMA. In general, the same rules that apply to you here in the forums, on TS, and in game, apply everywhere, you are as mentioned above.

A few things that may not be covered in our rules here, are as follows;
1. No flaming.
2. No trolling.
3. No radical political commentary.
4. Always be courteous of other clans, regardless of your opinion.

Commander In Chief- is a position of authority and responsibility to all IMA men and woman appointed within IMA. Leadership and management are the key components in the successful exercise of Command. Successful management is readily measured against objective criteria but commanders-In Chief are not Leaders until their position has been ratified in the hearts and minds of those they command.

IMA Leaders- are visionaries. It is the projection of personality and character to inspire those they lead to do what is required of them. Skill in the techniques of leadership is the foremost quality in the art of command and contributes very largely to IMA success. There is no prescription for leadership and no prescribed style of leader. IMA Leaders are a combination of example, persuasion and compulsion dependent on the situation. They aim to transform and be underpinned by the ethos of the mission command and balance of IMA qualities and skills. Successful Leaders are those who understand themselves, the organization, and the environment in which they operate and the members and people they are privileged to lead.

Admin Jr and Full are a facet of Leadership. It is about the allocation and control of resources to achieve objectives. Admins require the ability to deploy a range of techniques and skills to enhance and facilitate the planning, organization and execution of the business of IMA.

A successful admin combines these management skills with those of leadership to achieve the desired outcome.